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Rumah Kebun Hulu Langat

Private Campsite • Selangor • You can have your own private camping area in Rumah Kebun without worrying having strangers walking by your tent.

Campsite Kaki Bukit

Private Campsite • Selangor • Campsite with river at the foot hills of Genting. Located in Batang Kali, less than 1 hour driver from Kuala Lumpur

River flowing through rocks

Sri Damai Riverside

Sri Damai Riverside is located at Kalumpang, just around 10km away from Tanjung Malim. Clean and nice river, famous place for picnic.

hammocks by the river

Hammocks By The River

Private Campsite • Selangor • Hammocks by the river is probably the best campsite for beginners who wanted to experience camping. It is very near to KL and provides all in packages

sojuk riverside campsite

Sojuk Riverside

Private Campsite | Selangor. Camping in Batang Kali. Ulu yam camping. Camping near Genting. Riverside camping selangor

Rock Eco Resort

Private Campsite • Selangor • Campsite in Ulu Yam. One of the few forest area left near to Kuala Lumpur. Nearby Hutan Lipur Sungai Tua.

Teratak Tok Alang

Private campsite • Selangor • Hidden in a small village near Batang Kali, this is the by far the only campsite available in Ulu Rening. With just nearly an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, you’ll get a cozy campsite surrounded by trees and a crystal clear stream. The campsite is very basic so it is suitable for campers who likes to prepare themselves for their camping trip.