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Riverside Camp Gopeng

Private Campsite • Perak • One of the many campsites in Gopeng. Well organized, gateway to Bukit Batu Putih hiking. Easily accessible by car. Famous white water rafting spot in Gopeng. Just 30 minutes away from Ipoh, great weekend activity if you’re staying around Ipoh area.

Bernam Nature Hut

Nice environment and beautiful river, there are all kinds of nature activities you can do here, including cycling and rafting. Well equipped with facilities. Located in Tg. Malim, nearby Selangor & Perak border, just the perfect distance for a short weekend getaway.

Natasya Riverside Caravan Park

Private Campsite • Perak • Caravan park in Malaysia! Located in next to a river. Well equipped with facilities. Caravan comes with air-conditioning, or you can opt for traditional camping experience

Greenstone Campsite

Private Campsite • Perak • Rocks.Woods.Stream. Riverside Gazebo & Campsite. Explore the hidden gems, jungle tracking and hiking

A few wooden chalets on the steep slope

Lenggong Longhouse Campsite

Private Campsite • Perak • This campsite is hidden just outside of Lenggong town, from the main road to Gerik, its just a few minutes drive away on a narrow paved road. We probably won’t notice this campsite if they didn’t have a page on Facebook. With so many campsites around Lenggong area, we decided to give this campsite a try because of their unique landscape, a river run through the middle of the campsite with densely populated tall trees around.

Hot spring just beside the river

Lubuk Timah Waterfall

Private Campsite • Perak • Hot Springs are pretty common in Malaysia, but it is very rare to find a hot spring just beside the river and the one here in Lubuk Timah is one of the few. Unlike the one in Kuala Woh, this hot spring does have a real pool to dip in, properly landscaped

A Malaysian flag in front of a few bamboo huts

Lata Penyel

Public Campsite • Perak • This hidden gem in Perak is one of the least known waterfalls due to its remote location. Since 2017 paved road was built and the place become more accessible.

A few huts beside the river

Kuala Mu

Private Campsite • Perak • There are mainly 3 campsites in Kuala Mu, Chalet Kg Bersah, Chalet Dusun Kg. Kuala Mu, Gapeh Village Campsite, all of them are located just next to Sungai Mu with plenty of space and each of them has their own uniqueness.

Light trail of a torch beside campfire

Pantai Teluk Segadas

Private Campsite • Perak • Pantai Teluk Segadas is an all-in-1 rare find. It has a large campsite with basic facilities, a beautiful beach and a little hiking adventure.