bad behaviours to avoid

Are you the black sheep? 6 bad camping behaviours you should avoid

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Having neighbours at a campsite can go either two ways: extremely rewarding or terribly bad. With good neighbours, it elevates your camping experience to the next level. You can share all your amazing camping adventures with them and get inspired by each other, whereas your camping trip might end awfully terrible with bad neighbours. Here are 6 bad camping behaviours we have encountered in the past. Do note that our personal behavior might impact the entire community, so please be considerate of other campers, wildlife, and the environment.

5 mistakes that beginner campers often make

5 Mistakes That Beginner Campers Often Make

If you’re thinking to start your very first camping trip in Malaysia, this is definitely a must read! Not being well-prepared not only will cause frustration and in some cases you might endanger yourself and others. Here we listed out the 5 most common mistakes that beginner campers make based on our experiences and observation throughout the years, and a few tips on how to overcome it.