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Kem Tasik Biru

Beautiful campsite located next to a lake. Great place to be if you like lots of activities during camping.

A person sitting at the edge of the farm house looking at the farm view

Kesang Farm

Private Campsite • Melaka • Hidden in a quiet and peaceful district in Malacca, Kesang farm is a small and peaceful farm that can make you forget about the stressful city life and enjoy how life really should be. The most notable appearance in this campsite is their wooden farm house, which you’ll get the best view of the whole farm and a common space to chill and relax.

A man swimming towards a rock in the middle of the sea

Pulau Dodol

Public Campsite • Melaka • Pulau Dodol is a small uninhabited island located in Melaka. Visit this island if you’re looking for something different for your adventures.

Foldable touring bicycle stopped by the beach

Telok Gong Beach

Public Campsite • Melaka • Telok Gong Beach is located in a traditional Malay kampung and just along the way to or from Melaka, a great place for bicycle tourers to stop by.