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Pemberton Campground

Private Campsite • Johor • Campsite located in Kota Tinggi Johor, 10 minutes drive away from Tg Sedili town. Large campground with direct access to the beach, campervan friendly.

Sinar Eco Resort

Private Campsite • Johor • Camp in a farm stay resort just 45 minutes away from Johor Bahru. Experience animal feeding with your family and friends.

Arena Sepang Resort

Private Campsite • Johor • Beach campsite in Johor Bahru, beautiful scenery, located inside a private resort, suitable for family with kids

single drop waterfall with a pool in front

Endau Rompin National Park (Selai) – Lubuk Merekek Campsite

  • MC 

Public Campsite • National Park • Johor | Are you a green panther? Or a person who simply enjoys spending time in nature? Lubuk Merekek Campsite is definitely a campsite you should visit once in your lifetime. It is located at Endau Rompin National Park, the second largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia after Taman Negara. Lubuk Merekek is a huge campsite with basic facilities, which can fit up to 200 people in the peak season, and it’s next to Sungai Selai where there is plenty of do along the river that keep you busy for a day. Imagine spending a night at the campsite, you get to be surrounded by peaceful river babbles and tropical rainforest nature sound, it gives you all the experience to enjoy what a rainforest has to offer. 

campsite view of the beach

Tiger Base Camp

Private Campsite • Johor • Tiger Base camp is a private beach campsite located near Tg Sedili, Johor. The campsite has all the basic facilities you need for a comfortable stay. If you do not have a tent yet, they also provides tent rental with a really affordable price. Check out the full information below: