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Public campsites in Malaysia

Campsites listed here are mostly under our national state parks (hutan lipur) or on a peace of public land where we wild camped during our hiking or bicycle touring trips. Some of the campsites are free or charge and some collects a minimal fee, normally not more than RM10 per person. Always check with the local authorities if you’re unsure that it is safe to camp.

Man standing on a cliff looking downwards

Blue Lagoon

Private Campsite • Negeri Sembilan • Camping at Blue Lagoon Port Dickson. Easy hiking trail…
Magnificent view above the clouds at Gunung Datuk peak

Gunung Datuk (Peak)

National Park • Negeri Sembilan • Experience the feeling of being above the cloud, hike…
Scenery with layers of mountains

Gunung Nuang

Public Campsite • National Park • Selangor • Gunung Nuang is the highest peak in…
Woman walking into a cave in the river

Hutan Lipur Gua Maloi

Public Campsite • National Park • Negeri Sembilan • Well equipped campsite with an extraordinary…
Hidden waterfall view

Hutan Lipur Kanching

Public Campsite • National Park • Selangor • A perfect getaway destination that lies less…
Women scaling a huge boulder with a rope

Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul

National Park • Negeri Sembilan • Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul is easily accessible and also…
A man chilling under a waterfall

Jeriau Waterfall

Public Campsite • National Park • Pahang • Campsite with a pristine waterfall in the…
Powerful single drop waterfall with a big and deep pool

Kedondong waterfall

Public Campsite • Selangor • Kedondong waterfall is a real paradise in Klang Valley. This…
Suspension bridge over a rocky and wide river

Kuala Woh

National Park • Perak • Kuala Woh is one of the unique place in Perak…
Beautifully layered waterfall

Kubah National Park

Public Campsite • National Park • Sarawak • This national park is just 30 minutes…
A man standing in front of the waterfall

Lata Berembun

Public campsite • Pahang • Lata Berembun is hidden deep in the jungle which is…
Posing with a mug filling the water from the falls

Lata Hammers

Public Campsite • Pahang • Lata Hammers aka Perting falls is a hidden gem in…
Waterfall with big deep pool

Lata Makau

Public Campsite • Selangor • Beautiful hidden gem in Kuala Kubu Bahru, just an hour…
Long exposure of the waterfall

Lata Medang

Public Campsite • Selangor • One of the best hidden gem in Kuala Kubu Bahru,…
A Malaysian flag in front of a few bamboo huts

Lata Penyel

Public Campsite • Perak • This hidden gem in Perak is one of the least…
River flowing through the dense forest

Lentang forest reserve

Lentang forest reserve park. Located next to Karak highway, often overlooked. The park is sheltered…
An abandoned walkway beside a cliff

Pantai Bukit Keluang

Public Campsite • Terengganu • This campsite is just next to a famous hiking spot…
Golden beach in between two mountains

Pantai Kemasik

Public Campsite • Terengganu • Pantai Kemasik is a unique beauty of Terengganu. Here you’ll…
Folding bikes parked at the bench on the beach

Pantai Penarik

Public Campsite • Terengganu • Pantai Penarik or Penarik Beach is only known by the…
Light ray shining towards the milky way

Pantai Sepat

Public Campsite • Pahang • Pantai Sepat is a famous picnic spot for the locals,…
4 guys taking photograph of a man running on the beach

Pasir Tengkorak Beach

Public Campsite • National Park • Kedah • Pantai Pasir Tengkorak is a secluded beach…
A man swimming towards a rock in the middle of the sea

Pulau Dodol

Public Campsite • Melaka • Pulau Dodol is a small uninhabited island located in Melaka….
Women sitting beside the tent on a large boulder

Sg Berkelah Waterfall

National Park • Pahang • Berkelah waterfalls is often known as the hidden gem of…
Morning sun shining on the waterfall

Sg Dua Waterfall

Public Campsite • Pahang • Sg. Dua waterfall or sometimes known as Lata Khong is…
Wide and rocky river

Sg Kedondong

Public Campsite • National Park • Selangor • This river is located just along the…
A girl bathing under the waterfall

Sg Pisang

Public Campsite • National Park • Selangor • Magnificent waterfall located at the outskirts of…

Taman Negeri Kenaboi

One of the less known places in Negeri Sembilan due to its secluded location. A…
Foldable touring bicycle stopped by the beach

Telok Gong Beach

Public Campsite • Melaka • Telok Gong Beach is located in a traditional Malay kampung…

Teluk Bayu

Public Campsite • Penang • Teluk Bayu beach camping. Penang camping. Penang campsites.
Two cyclist stopped at the T-junction

Teluk Bidara

Public Campsite • Terengganu • A beach only known by the locals, beautiful beach with…
3 tents set up beside the car under the trees

Ulu Tamu Hot Spring

Public Campsite • National Park • Selangor • Ulu Tamu is an unconventional place to…

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