Private campsites in Malaysia

Campsites listed here are privately owned. These campsites normally will have numerous facilities available, some even have electrical supply upon request. Price normally range from around RM10 – RM50 per person per night and it would be best to make a reservation prior to your trip. Some campsites provides tent rental as well, good for beginners to try out camping without having to spend a lot on camping equipment.

Group of people cruising on a river

Kenong Eco Camp

If you’re looking for a holiday off the beaten track, here’s one that will take you right into the deep mysterious heart of wilderness. A…
A few huts beside the river

Kuala Mu

There are mainly 3 campsites in Kuala Mu, Chalet Kg Bersah, Chalet Dusun Kg. Kuala Mu, Gapeh Village Campsite, all of them are located just…
Hot spring just beside the river

Lubuk Timah Waterfall

Hot Springs are pretty common in Malaysia, but it is very rare to find a hot spring just beside the river and the one here…
Light trail of a torch beside campfire

Pantai Teluk Segadas

Pantai Teluk Segadas is an all-in-1 rare find. It has a large campsite with basic facilities, a beautiful beach and a little hiking adventure.
Signboard of payung getaway

Payung Getaway

Payung Getaway is a perfect getaway for almost every type of camping. What we love the most about this campsite is its secluded location, it’s…
Bird eye view of the campsite

Port Dickson – H&N campsite

H&N campsite is perfect for any group size, it doesn’t matter if you are a lone bicycle tourer looking for a comfortable place to stay…
Crystal clear beach view of Pulau Kapas

Pulau Kapas

One of the cheapest islands on the east coast. Filled with local vibes and located just 15 minutes away from the mainland.
River flowing through dense forest

Sungai Pertak

Kg Pertak is the trailhead to multiple hiking trails, stay here for a night or 2 to explore Lata Medang, Lata Makau or Bukit Kutu
campsite and the view

The Hill Relaxing Camp

A short drive from Georgetown Penang to this amazing campsite located on a hill near to Balik Pulau with an amazing view.
campsite view of the beach

Tiger Base Camp

Tiger Base camp is a private beach campsite located near Tg Sedili, Johor. The campsite has all the basic facilities you need for a comfortable…
tent setup under the tree

Zaini Guest House Janda Baik

Looking for a place to camp which is not too far away from Kuala Lumpur? Janda Baik is one of the best option you’ll find.

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