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Campsites in Pahang

Choose from wide variety of free and paid campsites in Malaysia. We’ve listed down all the campsites that we’ve experienced and some essential information about it to help you plan for your leisure camping or even extreme hiking and camping trips.

Cherry Chalet

Located almost at the deepest end of Janda Baik, higher altitude compared to the other campsites, cold at night. Just next to a small clean …

Gibbon Retreat Bentong

Private Campsite • Pahang • Gibbon Forest Retreat is located at Bentong, just 1 hour away from Kuala Lumpur. The resort offers various types of …
A man chilling under a waterfall

Jeriau Waterfall

Public Campsite • National Park • Pahang • Campsite with a pristine waterfall in the backyards of Fraser’s Hill. One of the few higher altitude …
Group of people cruising on a river

Kenong Eco Camp

Private Campsite • Pahang • If you’re looking for a holiday off the beaten track, here’s one that will take you right into the deep …
A man standing in front of the waterfall

Lata Berembun

Public campsite • Pahang • Lata Berembun is hidden deep in the jungle which is only accessible via 4wd. The waterfall has a big deep …
Posing with a mug filling the water from the falls

Lata Hammers

Public Campsite • Pahang • Lata Hammers aka Perting falls is a hidden gem in Bentong. The olympic size swimming pool is the main attraction …
River flowing through the dense forest

Lentang forest reserve

Lentang forest reserve park. Located next to Karak highway, often overlooked. The park is sheltered with lots of tall trees with a river flowing in …
Light ray shining towards the milky way

Pantai Sepat

Public Campsite • Pahang • Pantai Sepat is a famous picnic spot for the locals, camping activity is rare thus the crowd will be gone …
Signboard of payung getaway

Payung Getaway

Private Campsite • Pahang • Payung Getaway is a perfect getaway for almost every type of camping. What we love the most about this campsite …

Pine Valley Villa and Camper site

State park • Pahang • This is one of the few campsites available in Cameron Highlands. Campsite with basic amenities such as toilets and showers. …
Women sitting beside the tent on a large boulder

Sg Berkelah Waterfall

National Park • Pahang • Berkelah waterfalls is often known as the hidden gem of Pahang. It has 7 tiers and each tier offers a …
Morning sun shining on the waterfall

Sg Dua Waterfall

Public Campsite • Pahang • Sg. Dua waterfall or sometimes known as Lata Khong is one of the most accessible and unspoilt waterfall not far …

Sg Pauh Campsite Cameron

State park • Pahang • This is one of the few campsites available in Cameron Highlands, located just around 1km away from Tanah Rata, if …
tent setup under the tree

Zaini Guest House Janda Baik

Private Campsite • Pahang • Looking for a place to camp which is not too far away from Kuala Lumpur? Janda Baik is one of …

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