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bad behaviours to avoid

Are you the black sheep? 6 bad camping behaviours you should avoid

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Having neighbours at a campsite can go either two ways: extremely rewarding or terribly bad. With good neighbours, it elevates your camping experience to the next level. You can share all your amazing camping adventures with them and get inspired by each other, whereas your camping trip might end awfully terrible with bad neighbours. Here are 6 bad camping behaviours we have encountered in the past. Do note that our personal behavior might impact the entire community, so please be considerate of other campers, wildlife, and the environment.

tips and treats for overcoming your camping fears

Tips and Treats for overcoming your camping fears

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Have never considered camping as your recreational activity? We understand that everyone feels differently about things and you probably have negative perceptions towards camping, especially the idea of putting yourself in a strange environment full of unknown factors. Gladly speaking, you are not alone as we all have been through this. We admit that outdoor camping can be challenging sometimes, unlike staying in a 5 star hotel where you can get a hot shower and room service by pressing a button away. Believe it or not, once you try camping, the experience is transformative. We know your fears and stepping out of your comfort zone is always the hardest. We are ready to walk you through all the baby steps that help you conquer the obstacles. Here’s the top 6 common camping fears, followed by solutions. 

single drop waterfall with a pool in front

Endau Rompin National Park (Selai) – Lubuk Merekek Campsite

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Public Campsite • National Park • Johor | Are you a green panther? Or a person who simply enjoys spending time in nature? Lubuk Merekek Campsite is definitely a campsite you should visit once in your lifetime. It is located at Endau Rompin National Park, the second largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia after Taman Negara. Lubuk Merekek is a huge campsite with basic facilities, which can fit up to 200 people in the peak season, and it’s next to Sungai Selai where there is plenty of do along the river that keep you busy for a day. Imagine spending a night at the campsite, you get to be surrounded by peaceful river babbles and tropical rainforest nature sound, it gives you all the experience to enjoy what a rainforest has to offer. 

5 stores i wish i knew before buying my camping equipments

5 Stores I Wish I Knew Before Buying My Camping Equipment

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You’ve prepared a shopping list for your camping trip, but got no clues where to find these equipment. You managed to find some, but could not justify if they are good value for the price. We understand your struggle, that’s why we listed our favourite TOP 5 stores you should visit for all the camping equipment you need. Let’s go shopping!

Light ray shining towards the starry sky

Top 5 campsites recommended for stargazing (and Milky Way!)

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“Look up the stars, how they shine for you?” With light and air pollution plaguing urban areas, we don’t often see stars like we did in our childhood, even the stars of childhood are still there shining for you. The first step in finding a great stargazing spot is to get a little further away from the cityscapes, but where should we go? Here we curated 5 favorite camping locations to go stargazing in Peninsular Malaysia. Get your tent and gears prepared. You can spend the whole night looking up at the sky’s universal beauty and wish upon the star. If you are lucky, you might spot shooting stars!

man in black shirt standing on cliff facing sea of clouds photo

How to buy your first tent like a PRO!

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If you’re mentally ready for a camping trip, make sure you’ve got the right equipment to stay comfortable and safe. Tent is one of the essential camping gears, and we know buying the very first tent can be frustrating and yet exciting.

camping personality check

Not sure where to camp? Check your personality!

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You and your friends went to beach camping for a weekend getaway. Everyone seems to be having fun but you are not enjoying it at all and thinking not to do it anymore. Perhaps, you might choose a wrong place to camp. People have different intentions when they camp; a lone wolf wants to find a peace of mind in nature while an outgoing person might want to spend time with friends for outdoor recreational activities. These things are notably influenced by personality. You will find camping is amazing if you could find a place that fits your character.