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Sri Damai Riverside

Kalumpang, Selangor

Private campsite

Waterfall or river

Accessible by car


Sri Damai Riverside overview

Sri Damai Riverside is located at Kalumpang, just around 10km away from Tanjung Malim. Since it is located within Selangor, every weekend there are a large number of day trippers flock into this campsite for a refreshing dip in the river and picnic. There is also Sri Damai Resort nearby but don’t be confused with it (although it’s owned by the same owner), Sri Damai Riverside is just next to Sungai Inki. It is a combination of chalets and campsites with really nice landscaping, surrounded by tall trees.

River flowing through rocks

What we like about Sri Damai Riverside

tick Clean and wide river

We really like the formation of the river, there are different parts of the river with different widths, depths & rapids. The river water is really clean despite there are some other campsites/resorts at the upper stream area.

Few kids playing in the river

tick Clean campsite

The campsite is really well maintained at the time we went considering the amount of day trip visitors during the weekends. We stayed for 2 nights and we noticed that they cleaned the fallen leaves and toilets every day. They also cleaned the fallen leaves and kitchen sink every day. There are rubbish bins almost at every corner of the campsite.

tick Well shaded

The whole area is filled with tall and bushy trees, which works really well to keep you out from the hot sun, especially in the afternoon. There are also wakaf (gazebo) for rent that could fit in a 4-man dome tent.

Tent set up under a wakaf

tick Nice landscape and well-planned

The entire area is quite well planned with chalets, campsites and 2 huge bungalows. Each wakaf (gazebo) is equipped with an electric plug-point, plastic table and chairs.

kitchen sink

tick Friendly & easy-going owner and staff

The owner is really friendly and welcoming, despite having all the space well separated, they didn’t really mind us using some extra space when there are no other campers around.

Things that you might be concerned

warning Limited camping space

There aren’t many spaces for campers if the day is crowded. Each campground is set to a 2×2 metre space, which is good enough for a dome tent but if you have other types of tent, it will be hard to fit.
Quick tip: you should be able to get away with this during mon-thurs since normally there aren’t many campers around, mostly day trippers. Just ask the owner politely for permission.

campsite platforms

warning Toilet/shower water pressure is low

Not really a big issue, just that when you shower you’ll feel less “syok”. Also do note that the shower area is an open space (men & women have separate toilet/shower), which might be a concern if you’re shy.

warning Can be really dangerous during rainy days

The flow rate of this river is fast, even on normal days. The river is prone to flash floods thus please avoid going into the river during rainy days and be wary of the early signs of flash floods.

river flowing through rocks

warning Lots of day trippers

There are quite a number of day trippers even on weekdays, as of Oct 2021, the campsite is closed for campers during the weekends due to the large number of visitors. You can still try your luck for weekends, just check with the owner from time to time.

Campsite Information (updated on Oct 2021)

Waterfall or river

Requires walking/hiking
Yes, less than 2 min walk from car park

Price per night
RM50/site (2×2 metre)

Other expenses
Entry fee:

Booking required

Permit required
Not applicable

Pet friendly

Yes, but unstable network

Campervan friendly

– Toilet
– Shower
– Common area
– Kitchen sink
– Electrical plug point (wakaf & common area)

Equipment rental

Water resources
River water / Tap water

Mobile: 017 316 1213 (Amin)

Additional notes


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