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Hammocks By The River

Ulu Langat, Selangor

Private campsite

Waterfall or river

Accessible by car


Hammocks by the river (HBTR) overview

Hammocks by the river (HBTR) is undoubtedly one of the most popular campsite in Selangor due to its beautiful pictures and full board packages that they offer, a very beginner friendly campsite indeed if you’re looking to try out campsite for the first time without having to buy all the essential equipments needed (such as tents, stoves, flysheet, groundsheet, etc.). Gotten invited by a friend who works with Thule outdoor products, we went there to get an experience ourselves and below are a few points that are worth considering no matter if you’re a frequent camper or just wanted to try it out.

thule rooftop tent

During this trip, we got to experience sleeping on a car rooftop with Thule Tepui Explorer, one of the best rooftop tents you can find in Malaysia. The tent quality is top notch and is able to handle almost 200kgs and comes with many nice features. One thing that I really like about this tent is that its really well ventilated, there’s windows at all 4 sides and if that’s not enough, the tent roof can be opened up as well, check it out here.

thule rooftop tent

What’s we like about Hammocks by the river (HBTR)?

tick Spacious compound with adequate distancing

The campsite is divided mainly into 2 parts, river view & dusun (orchard). River view has slightly smaller land size and is more suitable for smaller groups (unless you went on a week day, I believe there will be enough space even for bigger groups). The orchard is comparably much spacious and could accommodate a larger group. The whole campsite is quite well shaded no matter which part you’re at.

hammocks by the river

tick Full board package

This is one of the major selling points for HBTR, with almost everything provided, all you need to do is just bring yourself and some food during your stay. THe location wasn’t really far away from the nearest town thus you can easily drive out for your meal as well. The package includes a tent, air beds, flysheet, tables and chairs, stoves, kitchen utensils. You also don’t need to set it up yourself, everything is already done for you.

hammocks by the river

hammocks by the river

tick Only 17 years old and above are allowed

This is the most interesting campsite policy, it can be good or bad depending on your preference. We’ve included this in the Good since we prefer to have more peace and quiet.

tick Pet friendly

You can camp with your pet here, just remember to clean after them.

hammocks by the river

tick Just park and camp!

Really convenient if you have lots of equipment to bring as you can just literally park your car beside your tent. Unless you have more than 2 cars to park, some cars might need to park further away, but don’t worry it’s still within walking distance.

hammocks by the river

Things that might be a concern

warning Some of the toilets and shower wasn’t really in a good shape

There are a total of 6-7 toilets/showers in the campsite, but some of them are not well maintained, it won’t be a concern if there are less people in the campsite since you can always choose the better ones. Good thing is the owner is actually constantly upgrading the toilets to give you a better experience.

warning Murky river

HBTR is located at a more downstream area, which is understandable why the river is murky. For someone who is more used to camping near waterfalls or upstream areas, this might be a concern.

hammocks by the river

warning A bit too near to the town

HBTR is located near Hulu Langat town, which can be good if you don’t like to travel far and with good road conditions. If you pay close attention, you can still hear the Prayers from the mosque in Hulu Langat.

Campsite Information (updated on Oct 2021)

Waterfall or river

Requires walking/hiking

Price per night
From RM30/person

Other expenses

Booking required

Permit required
Not applicable

Pet friendly


Campervan friendly
No information

– Toilet
– Shower
– Common area

Equipment rental
– Yes

Water resources
Tap water

Mobile: 012-940 1174
Website: –

Additional notes
– All-in packages available, please refer to their Facebook page for more information


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