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By far, the longest lasting portable fan… (Xiaomi Youpin Edon Fan)

I used to think that I wouldn’t need a portable fan for my camping trips (most of the time I do backpack camping), but then MCO came and right now we can only camp at private campsites, which opens up a lot of possibilities to me since you just need to drive straight to a campsite, park, and unload your stuffs, mostly less than 5 minutes walk. So… why not treat yourself better with a portable fan that can be used at home as well (very handy when there’s electric cut). Here’s why I choose this fan and some test result.

tick 19 hours in one single charge!!

I’ve tested running it consistently on the lowest speed setting (which is still good enough for normal use) and it was able to keep running for 19 hours+, good enough for at least 2 nights of good sleep. This result was quite shocking to me cause the previous fan i got was able to last up to 7 hours and I was really impressed.

tick Strong breeze

There are 5 speed settings, even with the lowest speed, it was quite breezy as well. Of course everyone have different standards and with the highest speed setting, I’m sure it will be able to satisfy most people (unless you’re the type that can’t live without air-conditioning XD)

tick Beautiful and minimalist design

What catches my eyes on first sight is the color of the fan, the color is unique and matches so well with the natural environment, good for the ones who love to take beautiful photographs during their camping trip.

tick Feature rich

Even you’re not buying it for camping, it’s a really good replacement for your home due to its features. No worries when there’s an electric cut. The fan has 5 speed settings, oscillation mode, timer settings, and even an add-on humidifier (included in the set). It also includes a small remote control that allows you to toggle the settings (oscillation, fan speed, and timer). You can also tilt the fan and expand the height.

warning Bulkier than an average portable fan

The only downside I would say for this fan is its size. It is much larger than all the other options out there. Its foldable so carrying around wasn’t really that hard, but it just takes a bit more space when you pack. If you’re driving to the camping without needing to hike, there shouldn’t be any issue.



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