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Light, Compact, Comfortable. A camping chair for all.

Light, Compact, Comfortable. A camping chair for all.

tick Easy to carry around yet still comfortable

This is by far the best compact to comfortability ratio chair that we’ve experienced. It is small enough to fit into a hiking backpack and when it is unfolded, it is large and comfortable enough for any occasion (especially after a long and tiring hike!). Yes, you get smaller size and lighter weight with some hiking stool, but the comfortability of this chair is unbeatable compared to them.

Unfolded chair

tick Only weights 1100g!

Besides being compact, this thing only weights 1.1kg, almost the same weight as your sleeping bag. If you want to make your hike & camp trip more comfortable or you just want to save more space for other camping equipment during car camping, this portable chair will definitely fit your needs.

Size comparison of the chair

tick 5 years warranty

Decathlon is always really generous with their warranty, and they really fulfilled it. I’ve always been a Decathlon customer before they enter Malaysia, I once have a backpack that they gave 10 years warranty, after 3 years+ of using it some of the seams start to break and I just tried my luck and bring back to them and ask if it can be claimed. To my surprise, they do keep their promise, no questions asked, and gave a replacement (up to date value of the item). That was by far the best warranty claim experience I’ve ever had.

warning Not suitable for big size people

For a camping chair, the size wasn’t really large enough for bigger size people, even though it can hold up to 110kg. If you’re really tall (more than 190cm) you might feel that the chair doesn’t really support you comfortably as well. To me its just nice (I’m 168cm tall and weight 75kg)

warning Takes some time to assemble

Unlike many camping chairs where you just need 1 step to unfold it, this chair needs 2 steps. Its not rocket science and you’ll still be able to assemble it within 30 seconds. Not really a concern to me.

Disassembled camping chair

warning Doesn’t have headrest

Well… additional headrest means additional weight and size to us, if you’re hiking definitely it wouldn’t be a big issue without a headrest. For leisure camping, it would be really comfortable to have a headrest but to us its not a must-have.


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