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(Updated) Product review – An affordable portable fan that could last you through a night

After years of dilemma, finally we’ve bought a fan recently. Nope not the ones on the ceiling or with cords that you need to plug in, it’s a portable fan with battery life that could last through a whole long night. This could come in handy when you’re camping at the beach when there’s no wind (don’t be surprised, we’ve experienced it, especially at night!) or your tent ventilation is just not good enough, especially in our Malaysian weather.

We’ve run some simple test on this fan and here’s what we think:

Portable fan size comparison with a laptop

The good things about this portable fan

tick Long battery life

We’ve tested from fully charge to empty without turning off the fan, it lasted for about 11+ hours, which mean it will definitely last for a whole night sleep

tick Rechargeable via USB

You can also use the fan while charging as well, the fan uses the common micro-usb, cable is included but adapter is not included

tick Decent breeze for its size

The fan is totally usable even on its lowest speed, you can still feel the breeze from 3 metres away

tick Portable and minimalistic design

We really love the clean and compact design, it folds into a short cylinder which is really easy to store and the design looks good as well

Folded portable fan top view

tick Adjustable height

The height is adjustable to up to 1 metre and is quite stable as well unless there’s strong wind, but then you wont need to use the fan when there’s strong wind ;D

Extended portable fan standing

tick Affordable

By far this has the best price with decent quality


The Bad

warning Reliability unknown 

We don’t think this is from original xiaomi, thus we’ll need to use for a few more months to know its realiability

warning Slow charging

Charging from empty to full takes about 3-4 hours.

warning A little bit on the heavy side (for a portable fan) and not really small

For car camping, the weight is definitely ok, but if you are hiking, this is not the ideal fan to get

Back view of the portable fan with guitar at the background

Nonetheless, we really enjoyed this purchase, you can even use it at home when there’s a power cut, to last you through the night. It can definitely make your camping experience in Malaysia more comfortable. Make sure you fully charge the fan before your trip, charging from 0-100 takes about 3-4 hours. If you need to use for multiple days, bring along a powerbank for some extra hours.

Updates on 24 Feb 2021

After few months of using it at home, we decided to run another test on the battery, from full to drain. We were really surprised as it lasted almost 12 hours on low speed! Far better than what we’ve expected.

Here’s where we bought the fan >


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