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Lenggong Longhouse Campsite

Lenggong, Perak

Private campsite

Waterfall or river

Accessible by car


Highly potential and constantly upgrading campsite

If you are unfamiliar with Lenggong, it is located in the northern parts of Perak, along the way to the Perak side of Malaysia-Thailand border. It is also where the oldest dam in Malaysia – Tasik Chenderoh is located. The place is surrounded by mountain ranges on both sides, giving it a really beautiful view when you drive along the way to Gerik. Lenggong is also the place where one of the oldest human skeleton in Malaysia, known as The Perak Man was found.

This campsite is hidden just outside of Lenggong town, from the main road to Gerik, its just a few minutes drive away on a narrow paved road. We probably won’t notice this campsite if they didn’t have a page on Facebook. With so many campsites around Lenggong area, we decided to give this campsite a try because of their unique landscape, a river run through the middle of the campsite with densely populated tall trees around. Though the grounds of the campsite is really limited, so we decided to stay in an open air bamboo hut instead. The whole campsite and chalets are handled by the owner Encik Fauzi alone, which to us is really amazing. He is also constantly upgrading the campsite to add more chalets and campgrounds.

What we like about Lenggong Longhouse Campsite

tick Its really raw and serene, with unique landscape and beautiful river

Surrounded by densely populated tall trees, we really love the environment with constant fresh air and cool breeze. Most part of the campsite are well shaded so it never gets too hot. As we mentioned above, the river runs through the middle of the campsite, which gives it a really picturesque view.

tick The unique “campground”

Pitching our tent under the bamboo hut was a good idea, we don’t have to worry about the rain at all and its near to the water source, really convenient. Since we booked 2 bamboo huts next to the river, the bamboo platform in between the 2 huts became our common area. The only concern here might be the distance between the carpark and the huts, not far but because it is located on the other side of the river, you’ll need to walk down a slope (with steps) and cross the river (with a small wooden bridge), which takes more effort if you have lots of things to carry. The main campground is just a few steps away, which is more convenient. There are also some basic chalets as well with a really affordable price tag.

tick Breathtaking view

There’s a small hill within the campsite compound as well which you can walk around, on the higher ground there is a really spectacular panoramic view of Lenggong, its really a good spot to watch the sunrise or stargazing, if you are lucky enough to meet a good weather and clear sky.

tick The river is safe from flash floods

According to the owner, there are no recorded flash floods so far mainly because the water flow mostly underground from the upper stream. Though if there is continuous heavy rain, the water level might rise as well and become a little murky, but not to a dangerous level. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t take it lightly.

tick Great hospitality

The owner, Encik Fauzi is one of the friendliest campsite owner that we have met! Even if you have some additional request, he will try his best to fulfill your wishes, just don’t take advantage of his kind heart 🙂

What might be your concern

warning Toilet condition can be better

The toilets are really basic and acceptable if you’re not too picky, overall cleanliness is ok if everyone is responsible.

warning Sharp rocks alert!

The rocks at the side of the river bed is really sharp and is really harsh to walk on it.

warning Limited camping space

The space is really limited, there are only 2 open air bamboo huts and a small piece of flat grounds. Each bamboo hut will be able to fit in 4-5 average size person, and the flat ground can only fit in maximum 3-4 large tents (4-6 men tent). But good news is more grounds will be cleared to accommodate more campers, make sure to follow their Facebook page to get the latest updates.

warning Limited parking space

The parking space available is very limited, roughly able to fit maximum 10 sedan cars, so make sure you carpool as much as possible. Not only that, the road that leads to the campsite can be really challenging if there are cars coming in the opposite direction, so its best to avoid going in and out too often.

Campsite Information

Waterfall or river

Requires walking/hiking

Price per night
RM30+-/person (please get the latest price list from the contact person)

Other expenses

Booking required

Permit required

Pet friendly

Available at certain spot (Maxis speed is better)

Campervan friendly

– Toilet
– Common area

Equipment rental
– Not available

Water resources
River water / Tap water

Mobile: +60 13-338 6567 (Encik Fauzi)
Official Facebook Page

Additional notes


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