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Kesang Farm

Kesang, Melaka

Private campsite


Accessible by car


A place to visit if you want to run away from city life

Hidden in a quiet and peaceful district in Malacca, Kesang farm is a small and peaceful farm that can make you forget about the stressful city life and enjoy how life really should be. The most notable appearance in this campsite is their wooden farm house, which you’ll get the best view of the whole farm and a common space to chill and relax. The campground is just next to the wooden platform, which will be able to fit in at least 10 big tents (4-6 men tent). You are free to roam around the whole farm and explore, you can view the crops but are not allowed to pick of damage it. There is a small lake within the farm which is just around 5 mins walk, there is also a bench there for you to just watch the calm water and chill, though swimming is not recommended due to its murky water and unknown conditions.

View of the lake from far

Rafting on the lake under the sun


What we like about Kesang farm campsite

tick Signature wooden farm house

This wooden platform comes together with the beautiful view of their farm, and you can also opt to sleep on this platform with just a little extra. Just make sure you bring extra blanket/sleeping bag, its really cold at night.

Sleeping on the farm house facing the view

tick The weather is just nice

Most of the time its cool and breezy, except in the afternoon unless its a cloudy day

View of kesang farm house from far

tick Less mosquitoes

We were surprised by how few the mosquitoes are there in this campsite, though there are a few bites here and there when there is no wind, it wasn’t up till the level that will annoy you.

tick Clean and well equipped toilet

The toilets are cleaned every day and you’ll find lots of nifty accessories in it.

Toilet and shower room

tick Pet friendly

You are allowed to bring your furkids to this campsite, just make sure you clean after them

Cat in the farm

What might be your concern

warning Its a famous place for families with kids

For someone who prefers a really quiet environment, this might be your concern, but it also depends on your luck. Perhaps you can check with the campsite owner what other guest will be around when you book?

Kids playing with a dog beside the tent

warning Toilets are limited

Though the toilets are clean, there is only 2 of them. During weekends when the campsite is full, you might need to queue to use the toilet

warning Limited campground

The campsite wasn’t really huge, just make sure you arrive earlier to get the best spot.

A campervan setup on the campsite

Refreshing little farm that offers “working holiday” in Malaysia

Farming is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort and manpower to maintain. Thus, we are really delighted that the farm is almost spotless and free of pungent smell. The owner keep their plantation as organic as it could, without using any chemicals and only uses natural fertilizers. There is only a few workers and most often you’ll find 1 or 2 “working holiday” helpers around. Yes, you don’t need to go Australia or New Zealand to have the working holiday experience, although its not entirely the same, you’ll get the idea. Currently they only take in 1 or 2 helpers and you can work there for up to 1 week, and of course accommodation and food will be provided.

Farmers sorting out the crops

Mural art on the farm house wall

Harvested crops in the basket

Campsite Information (updated Dec 2020)


Requires walking/hiking

Price per night

Other expenses

Booking required

Permit required

Pet friendly

– Digi
– Others unsure

Campervan friendly

– Toilet
– Shower
– Kitchen
– Common area

Equipment rental
– Not available

Water resources
Tap water


Additional notes


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