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Are you the black sheep? 6 bad camping behaviours you should avoid

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Having neighbours at a campsite can go either two ways: extremely rewarding or terribly bad. With good neighbours, it elevates your camping experience to the next level. You can share all your amazing camping adventures with them and get inspired by each other, whereas your camping trip might end awfully terrible with bad neighbours. Here are 6 bad camping behaviours we have encountered in the past. Do note that our personal behavior might impact the entire community, so please be considerate of other campers, wildlife, and the environment.


leave a trash

1. Leave a mess behind

The rule of thumb in nature is always “leave no trace”, including food waste. Small wildlife like squirrels and monkeys can make a huge mess with the trash and the food waste could potentially be bad for them. Put yourself into the shoes of the next campsite user, you will not want to arrive at a campsite scattered with garbage. 

friends campfire

2. Staying up late and being loud

The reason why people go on a camping trip is to reconnect with nature for peace and tranquility. It’s disrupting if the noises or blaring music occur all day long. Camping is the best time to catch up with friends and family, but you might not be aware that the volume of chit-chat can be quite loud especially at night. Check your volume and avoid making noises at night or early in the morning.

pick flower

3. Disturb the natural setting of the environment

Almost all plants perish soon after being picked and do not survive long being transplanted from natural habitat. Did you know that even a tiny wildflower plays a vital role in the balance of the ecosystem? Some pollinators rely on specific plant species and die once the habitat is ruined.

light bulb

4. Keep the generator and electricity on all-day 

The sound of the gas motor is equivalently infuriating to the blaring music. Unless you are taking a campervan, you might not need to run a generator just to run a fan or to light up the decorative lights. Most of us go camping to stay away from urban light pollution for an amazing stargazing experience. Unintentional light pollution in nature can affect the night view, and also have negative impacts on wildlife behaviors.

toilet and shower rooms

5. Bad bathroom etiquette

The bathroom at the campsite is shared by everyone. Anything you use for personal hygiene should be wrapped and disposed appropriately. Flushing the toilet to reduce the odour is a basic manner that everyone should have practised.

rules in campsite

6. Not follow the rules of the campsite

Most campsites have rules that management hopes campers will follow. This includes the number of campers, basic camping etiquette, and activities that are prohibited at the campsite. Although some rules are meant to be broken, most of the time rules are there to ensure a safe camping experience and to conserve the park’s natural resources.



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