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7 things you should consider buying for your next camping trip

7 things you should consider buying for your next camping trip

11.11 sale is around the corner, and for us camping lovers, that means it’s time to upgrade or get some new equipment to prepare for our next camping trip! Here we gathered 7 things that we think it is really important to have in your camping collection. Here is our list of suggested items that we have experienced personally, so if you have any questions or want to know more about it, feel free to PM us on Facebook or Instagram, we are really happy to help!


quechua tent in front of the sunrise

1. Shelter (tent, flysheet, groundsheet)

If you haven’t got your own tent, this is the best time to invest in one. Nothing feels better than having your own shelter, it’s like buying your 2nd home, just at a much cheaper price ;D. Here are a few decent tents that we’ve tried using before:

Best price-quality balance tent

For small family / 3-4 friends
Alternative “high ceiling” option

For 2-3 person

For hammock camping lovers

1 person hammock
Flysheet / rain tarp

portable camping stove

2. Stove

Camping stove is one of the most essential things, but there are lots of different types of stoves in the market, if you are not aware of that, you might end up buying a wrong gas cylinder for your stove. Below are a few types of stoves that we recommend!

Alcohol stoves

Complete set for 1-2 person
Complete set for 3-4 person

Gas stove

Small and portable, but with powerful flame
Traditional type but with extra portability

3 foldable chair beside the river

3. Camping chairs

From my personal point of view,  this is the 1st “good to have” camping equipment you should invest. We just bought them recently and realized that we should have done it earlier. It’s time to say bye-bye to the back aches caused by sitting on the floor for too long!

Portable and lightweight
Best price-quality balance

a pot on top of the charcoal fire

4. Cooking & cutleries set

These are space-saving equipment, including pot, pot, flying pan, cutleries, cups and plates which are packed in a hand carry set.

For 2 person
For 4 person

hiker crossing the river with a backpack

5. Drybag / Waterproof bag

Keep your important items dry in case of heavy rain, having a good waterproof bag gives you peace of mind.

Hypergear drybags

man with headlamp posing in front of the tent at night

6. Headlamp

We believe almost everyone has a torchlight at home, but during camping we prefer to use a headlamp much more than torchlight. Why? Because it’s so convenient to have both hands to work on things at night!

Best endurance (up to 20 hours) – Rechargeable with USB
Best price-quality balance

foldable table at the river side

7. Camping table

If you love to camp during your road trip, a foldable table is definitely worth every cent. It is cheap and doesn’t take much space, most importantly it upgrades your camping experience. We recently bought one with 80cm width, and it’s really small after folded up, which can be easily stored in your car boot without taking much space.

80cm foldable wooden table



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