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Endau Rompin National Park (Selai) – Lubuk Merekek Campsite

Bekok, Johor

National Park

Waterfall, River

Accessible by car (4wd required)


Are you a green panther? Or a person who simply enjoys spending time in nature? Lubuk Merekek Campsite is definitely a campsite you should visit once in your lifetime. It is located at Endau Rompin National Park, the second largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia after Taman Negara. Lubuk Merekek is a huge campsite with basic facilities, which can fit up to 200 people in the peak season, and it’s next to Sungai Selai where there is plenty of do along the river that keep you busy for a day. Imagine spending a night at the campsite, you get to be surrounded by peaceful river babbles and tropical rainforest nature sound, it gives you all the experience to enjoy what a rainforest has to offer. 

lubuk merekek signage

How to go?

Endau Rompin National Park has two official entry points: Peta and Selai, and Selai is where Lubuk Merekek is located. The easiest way to travel here is via North-South expressway, exit into Yong Peng, then drive past Chaah town towards Bekok. You will need to drop by the official Endau Rompin park office in Bekok town to register and park your car if you are using the park’s transport provider. You may drive all the way to the Lubuk Merekek campsite entrance, however you might find it struggle to travel with a normal car due to the poor road condition at the last 5km before entering the campsite.

endau rompin (selai) office

What do we love about Lubuk Merekek Campsite?

tick Enjoy the calm and tranquility amidst one of the oldest tropical rainforest complexes in the world

You can totally escape from the chaotic city and fully connect yourself to the nature of the rainforest. You will wake up to a cool breeze wafting your tent and bird chirping merrily in the forest to celebrate the dawn of day. You might discover some insects or birds you’ve never seen before due to the huge diversity of plant and animal species the forest provides. 

tick Night scene with stars and fireflies

The sky view from the campsite is exposed where you might enjoy the stars and constellations in good weather. The bonus is, you don’t need to bring fairy lights for tent decoration as you can enjoy nature’s Christmas lights along the river side even in the poor weather. One of the best campsites for fireflies watching.

tick Numerous activities can be done alone or in a group

You may need to apply for a fishing permit in order to fish, but fishing is forbidden during fish breeding season from September until October. Endau Rompin is a major conservation area in Peninsular Malaysia, you will be required to hire a guide or sign a package for jungle trekking as well as water tubing activities. There are a few popular waterfalls: Takah Tinggi, Takah Tempaang, Takah Pandan and Takah Berangin which are worth visiting (Although leeches are abundant!) 

tick Clean and well maintained 

The campsite has huge open space for tents and campervans. It is easy to pitch the tent here as the ground is flat and mainly made up of sands.You can find basic facilities at the campsite and all are well maintained by the park. You will be required to pay the rubbish deposit and can only claim back the deposit from Bekok office by showing them the rubbish you packed from the campsite.

the only one tent set up in the campsite

Things you might be concerned about

warning Cost

The permit fee is relatively higher compared to the campsites you might have been to due to the national park conservation maintenance. You will need to bring your own tent and flysheet as the rental service is not available.

warning Transport 

A four wheel drive is required because the road entering to the park is considerably rough. You may drop your car at the Bekok office and request for the park’s transport provider at the cost approximately RM200(to-fro) for a 4wd which can transport a total of 5 persons.

warning Equipment

There is no hot shower and power plugs available at the campsite. You may need to prepare your own cooking set e.g. stove, gas and pots for meal preparation.

warning Internet coverage 

Mobile phone coverage is very limited at the campsite and along the trails. In case of emergency, there is a visitor centre at Lubuk Tapah 10 mins which is within 10 minutes walking distance from Lubuk Merekek.

Campsite Information (last updated on Oct 2020)

Waterfall or river

Requires walking/hiking

Price per night
Charges include permit, insurance and campsite fees
Min 2 Paxs: (Malaysian) RM 69 (Non-Malaysian) RM 79
Min4 Paxs: (Malaysian) RM 59 (Non-Malaysian) RM 69
Extra rubbish deposit: RM 50

Other expenses
Extra guide fees for activities (e.g. waterfall hiking, water tubing, fishing, etc.)

Booking required

Permit required

Pet friendly


Campervan friendly
Yes (4WD)

Toilet, Shower (with pail and bucket provided)Sheltered surau, kitchen and dining hall with light available after 7pm

Equipment rental
– Not available

Water resources
River water / Tap water

Endau Rompin Selai-Bekok office:(phone)+607-922 2875
(whatsapp)+6013 744 0952

Additional notes
• Set a campfire to prevent wildlives at night.
• Chalets and jungle huts with proper facilities are available at Lubuk Tapah
• The park will be closed during the monsoon season estimately from November-March due to the rainy season.


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