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5 Mistakes That Beginner Campers Often Make

If you’re thinking to start your very first camping trip in Malaysia, this is definitely a must read! Not being well-prepared not only will cause frustration and in some cases you might endanger yourself and others. Here we listed out the 5 most common mistakes that beginner campers make based on our experiences and observation throughout the years, and a few tips on how to overcome it.

Not prepared enough for our weather

1. Not prepared enough for our weather

Yes, camping in Malaysia means that you’ll need to always be prepared for the rain. Due to our climate, it’s really hard to predict the weather and most of the time the chances of raining in the mountains and forest is much higher. So our advice is to treat “no rain” as an added bonus!

Suggestion: be wary of the waterproof rating of your tent and flysheet. Here’s a guide on buying your 1st tent.

Not aware of the hidden dangers of nature

2. Not aware of the hidden dangers of nature

The power of nature can heal you, but at the same time it can also destroy your life if you don’t respect and be aware of the dangers it can bring. The most common incident is flash floods, even the smallest streams has the potential to turn really aggressive and takes away lives.

Suggestion: If you’re a 1st timer, it is best to follow an experienced guide that can teach you some of the basic survivor skills and if you’re unsure of something, don’t do it!

Buying the wrong equipment

3. Buying the wrong equipment

There are so many brands and types of equipment in the market, the first step you’ll need to do is to be aware of the kind of camping experience you’re looking for. For example, if you are going to hike and camp, equipment that are too heavy and too bulky is not advised. Buying stuffs online is cheap and convenient but its really hard to get the idea of the real product (quality, size, etc.), thus physical store still has its place. Here are a few outdoor shops that you can consider.

Suggestion: follow our Facebook page for more quick tips on what to get  🙂

Jumping straight into buying expensive equipment

4. Jumping straight into buying the most expensive equipment

Looking at beautiful pictures in social media might tempt you on buying some expensive equipment, unless you have unlimited budget, that might not be a good idea. Watching videos and pictures of camping might give you the idea the camping is always fun and exciting, but that is not the case, if you’re not exposed to that kind of environment before, it is really hard to say you’ll like it or not, and you’ll only know after experiencing it. If you turn out to the be latter, all the money you spend will be wasted.

Suggestion: Borrow from your friend or opt for private campsites such as Payung Getaway or H&N campsite that offers tent rental, at least for your first trip.

expecting to have cleaning service in all campsites

5. Expecting to have “cleaning service” in all campsites

Many beginner campers might not know, it is always the campers’ responsibility to keep the environment clean and properly manage their rubbish and food waste, unless you’re glamping. You want to camp at a clean environment? First you have to keep it clean as well. Most campsites only collect a small fee for campers and there will not be enough manpower to clean up everyone’s rubbish. It is unfair to expect them to clean your rubbish just because you paid. In comparison, even Airbnb’s host charge us more than RM50 most of time just for the cleaning fee. Let’s all do our part and help keeping the environment clean no matter where you are.

Suggestion: Remember to bring along a few rubbish bags and be wary of the wildlife around you cause they might mess up your rubbish.

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