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Zaini Guest House

Janda Baik, Pahang

Private campsite

Waterfall or river

Accessible by car


Zaini Guest House

Beautiful campsite in Janda Baik

Looking for a place to camp which is not too far away from Kuala Lumpur? Janda Baik is one of the best option you’ll find. The journey to Janda Baik only takes roughly 1 hour but the kind of atmosphere you’ll find there makes you feel like you’ve travelled far enough, like you’re in another country. There’s only one way in and out from Janda Baik, and Zaini Guest house is located deep inside Janda Baik, almost at the end of the road. The place is really cozy and private because it is located on the other side of the a small river, one must cross a small wooden bridge to access the campsite. The campsite offers ample facilities for an average camper, they even have a few electrical socket if you need one.

group of friends having fun under the canopy at night

What we like about Zaini Guest House?

tick It’s cold at night, and chilly even in the afternoon

The temperature at night can drop to around 20 Celcius degree, make sure you bring a blanket or a sleeping bag with you.

tick More privacy compared to other campsites

Zaini Guest house is located across a river where you’ll need to walk across the river on a wooden bridge to reach the campsite.

tick Ample facilities

There are a few shared seating areas with tables, sink area, toilet and shower room and even have a few electrical points.

tick Nice atmosphere

The whole campsite is surrounded by greeneries, the wooden bridge entrance is really a plus!

tick Eateries within walking distance

You don’t even have to cook if you’re lazy, the nearest food stall is just a few steps away.

taking picture of the cup and kettle

Things that you might be concerned

warning Limited toilets and shower room

There were 2 toilets and 1 shower as far as well know, which is really limited considering the number of people in the campsite.

warning It’s famous for families with kids

During our trip there were around 10 big and small families with kids at the campsite, it was fine for us because the groups are actually well spaced out and we have quite a big area to ourselves as well.

warning Small and shallow river

While it might be good for kids because it is quite safe, for us adults we just wished there’s a deeper pool for us to swim or dip in.

warning Mosquitoes

There are mosquitoes around but not a lot, will be helpful to bring your mosquito repellent as well

warning 4G coverage

We only tested with Digi & Maxis, Maxis is working fine but Digi wasn’t performing really well

small rapids in the river

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Campsite Information (updated Sep 2020)

Waterfall or river

Requires walking/hiking

Price per night

Other expenses

Booking required

Permit required

Pet friendly

Campervan friendly

– Toilet
– Shower
– Kitchen
– Sitting area

Equipment rental
– Not available

Water resources
Tap water

Mobile: +60129618892

Additional notes
Weekends can be really crowded


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