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Not sure where to camp? Check your personality!

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You and your friends went to beach camping for a weekend getaway. Everyone seems to be having fun but you are not enjoying it at all and thinking not to do it anymore. Perhaps, you might choose a wrong place to camp. People have different intentions when they camp; a lone wolf wants to find a peace of mind in nature while an outgoing person might want to spend time with friends for outdoor recreational activities. These things are notably influenced by personality. You will find camping is amazing if you could find a place that fits your character. 

Understand who you are and we help you find your camping destination match based on 4 major characteristic types:

The Entrepreneur

People with the entrepreneur personality tend to be energetic and action oriented, willing to take a leap of faith to uncover life’s opportunities and challenges. Their drive and courage come from within like a scorching sun, which influences and inspires others to dream more and learn more in turn. 

Long beach camp entrance

For these reasons, The Entrepreneur is best suited to campsites like beaches. Being stasis is killing them. They are likely to be attracted to constantly changing environments and the novelty of new challenges. Beach is an unbeatable playground, where they can try all kinds of adventure-laden activities from snorkeling, surfing to kayaking. Some entrepreneurs can be daring yet introverted. Spending time on the coast can help them to feel a sense of rejuvenation and this could be a good place to do some readings and brainstorm for brilliant business ideas.  

Camping destination: Beach Camping
Recommended campsite: Pulau Perhentian Long Beach

The Counselor

People with a counselor personality often appear reserved but highly sensitive to how others feel. They enjoy thinking about deep topics and help others understand their emotions and grow. They’re nicknamed “the counselor characteristic” because they don’t just sense the emotions of others, they can truly walk in another person’s shoes. They have inborn ability to bring healing and comfort to others. Consequently, they tend to be emotionally draining, and being alone is how they recharge themselves.

Couple crossing the river in front of the waterfall

Like their personality which contains many layers and secrets, jungle or waterfall forest is an incredibly peaceful and spiritual place where The Counselor likes to explore happily. They do not need lots of recreational activities as they can solely stare at streamflow for more than a few hours. Staying away from the crowd and cultivating inner peace through forest bathing are the best feed for their soul.  

Camping destination: Waterfall Forest Camping
Recommended campsite: Lata Hammers

The Organizer 

Unlike The Entrepreneur, people with organizer personality like order in their lives and they truly believe the implementation of rules and instruction can make the world a better place. They enjoy structure like schedules and agendas so that they can plan things ahead more comfortably. Some might consider this personality somewhat conventional, but they are a group of people who are logical, analytical and excel at decision-making. They are great leaders who tend to be the ones that coordinate and get their hand dirty, also expect their subordinates to be just as hardworking as they are.

Signboard of payung getaway

The Organizer prefers to stay in a well-organized and task oriented environment, even for a vacation. So, The Organizer is best recommended to campsites with facilities, which are located within walking distance of the parking area. This allows them to keep what they need close and easily accessible. This sounds less hassle to The Organizer while planning for a camping trip.

Camping destination: Organized Campsite
Recommendation: Payung Getaway

The Athletes

They are real outdoor person who like to get outside and take up different challenges that stimulate their heart beat. Their internal drive directs them toward achieving high standard goals and even if they have failed, they have the ability to cope with feelings of discomfort and overcome physical or psychological barriers to accomplish their aims. 

Two women hiking in the rainforest

They strive for experiences that make them feel happy and joyful. A mountain camping trip with friends is the perfect activity that The Athletes will definitely long for. It requires a certain level of physical fitness and this can be quite challenging for people who have never done hiking before. Through hiking, they enjoy exploring new corners and roads that give them different points of view. The journey to the peak can be as rewarding as reaching the peak. 

Camping destination: Mountain Camping
Recommendation: Gunung Datuk (peak)

There are still many different personality types and you are not alone if the above personalities do not relate to you. Give camping a try. This trip could be your next self-discovery trip to find out the real you and understand yourself better.


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