Surfing in Malaysia

If you’re born in Malaysia surfing might be the least expected activities that you would want to do in Malaysia. Even for us we’ve only found out by chance few years ago, but in fact surfing activities in Malaysia actually dated all the way back in the 1980s. If you’re a beginner in surfing, there are a few places in Malaysia where you can learn to surf, mainly on the east coast of peninsula Malaysia. There are also a few surf spots in Sabah. There is even a Tioman surf festival in Tioman every year.

Ready to learn surfing? Before that just one important thing to bear in mind to prevent you from getting all upset after traveling all the way to the surf spots mentioned below, you can only be able to surf during the northeast monsoon season, which is around November – March every year. If you’re up for some surfing adventures in Malaysia, check out the surfing spots below!

Here’s a promo video of Cherating Point surfing

Where to have this adventure

Cherating, Pahang

Cherating Point Surf School

Desaru, Johor

Bigfoot Industries

Pulau Tioman (Kg. Juara), Pahang

Beach Shack Chalet

Kudat, Sabah

Blue Fin Surf & Dive


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