Payung Getaway

Cherating, Pahang

Private campsite


Accessible by car


Payung Getaway

Probably one of the most well-maintained private campsite

If you’re looking for a place to camp but with a bit of luxury, this is probably where you want to be. The campsite itself is huge with plenty of space, well equipped with few basic amenities such as toilets and showers, a few communal areas with tables and chairs, kitchen and dining area, and most importantly, a long stretch of private white sandy beach. Since it’s a private campsite, you don’t have to worry much about outsiders walking around your tent. The owners did a great job in maintaining the campsite, ensuring every group has their own private space thus even though there are quite a number of groups camping, especially during weekends.

The campsite policy

We have to give a big thumbs up for this policy they’ve set, when you “check-in” at the campsite, Dan the owner will explain everything about the campsite. There are no rubbish bins provided so you will need to pack your own trash. During our visit, we can hardly see any litters around the campsite vicinity, not only that, we were really surprised with how clean the shower and toilets are, because every camper is obligated to disinfect the toilet with the dettol spray provided after use. This should be the rule of thumb for every camper no matter where you camp, it should be everyones’ responsibility to keep the place clean.

Suits almost every type of camping

There is a place for everyone here, we’ve seen hammock campers, bicycle touring kakis, motorcycles stopping by to rest for the night, campervans and even luxurious camping setups all together in just one place. If you’re an adventure seeking, there are a few activities that you can do here, the most interesting one is the kayak adventure, you’ll kayak through the Cherating river, where you’ll find the most surreal scenery. If you come here during the monsoon season (November – February), you might also be able to catch some good waves for surfing. If that’s not for you, just put up a hammock and enjoy the constant sea breeze and relax.

Campsite rates

Campsite fee for tent, campervan & rooftop tent: RM50 / site / day
Additional person: RM20 / person / day
Direct electricity connection to campsite: RM20 / day
Canopy or flysheet set up (more than 12 sqm): RM30 / site / day

Inclusive of:
– Usage of all amenities & facilities at the campsite (communal kitchen & dining area, firepits, beach front pergola, toilet & shower, charging station, water supply, parking space, hammocks area)
– Max 4 people on each site. Additional person chargeable. Infant below 1 year old FOC.

Tent rental

Small tent (2 person): RM70 /tent / day
Regular tent (3 person): RM90 / tent / day
Large tent (4 person): RM120 / tent / day
Premium family tent (5 person): RM150 / tent / day
Additional person: RM20 / person / day

Inclusive of:
Campsite fee
– Usage of all amenities & facilities at the campsite (communal kitchen & dining area, firepits, beach front pergola, toilet & shower, charging station, water supply, parking space, hammocks area)
– Maximum number of people on each type of tent rental applies. Additional person chargeable. Infant below 1 year old FOC.

Notes: We only provide campsites with your choice of tent. You’ll need to bring all your camping essentials and gadgets, i.e. sleeping bag, pillow, mattress, cooking utensils, lightings/torchlight, toiletries etc. We do have some basic camping essentials for rental but you’ll need to check with us and book in advance.

Campsite Information (updated Jul 2020)


Requires walking/hiking

Price per night
from RM50/site/night
Refer above for full details

Other expenses

Booking required

Permit required

Pet friendly

Maxis, Digi, Celcom

Campervan friendly

– Toilet
– Shower
– Kitchen
– Dining area

Equipment rental
– Tent
– Electrical point
– Kayak
– Surfboard

Water resources
River water / Tap water

Mobile: +6011 23802900 (Dan)
Website: Payung getaway

Additional notes
Monsoon season: around Nov – Feb


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