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4 places that you can go camping during RMCO

4 places that you can go camping during RMCO

During RMCO, even though we are allowed to go hiking in small groups with prior permit application, overnight stay is still not allowed. Thankfully local tourism is opened up for business which means that you can still drive to camp at a privately owned land (of course with accordance to the SOP). So here are the places to consider during this RMCO period.

Port Dickson (H&N campsite)

Bird eye view of the campsite

This campsite is strategically located between 2 famous public beaches, Pantai Saujana & Pantai Cahaya. Just a short walk from the main road, you’ll get to this private campsite with facilities such as toilets and bathrooms. You can also drive all the way into the campsite and park just beside your tent, especially great for families with kids, or couples who just started camping. It comes with a really affordable price tag as well from as low as RM38 per tent per night.

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Pulau Kapas

Crystal clear beach view of Pulau Kapas

What we love about Pulau Kapas is its chilled vibes and it is one of the closer east coast islands to go, but still offers beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. There are many activities that you can do including beach volleyball, snorkeling, hiking, or maybe just chill and relax on the beach. If you’re there for camping, there are few campsite providers that we know including Longsha campsite & Captain longhouse, which offers for RM15/person.

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Pulau Perhentian Kecil

Stairway that leads towards the cove

This is one of the most famous local travel destinations, as far as we know most people come here by purchasing travel packages offered by various resorts, normally cost around RM350+ per person for 3 days 2 nights, inclusive of boat transfers and snorkeling trips. But if you’re having a tight budget but still want to enjoy what Pulau Perhentian offers, there’s actually a few campsite providers as well, the one that we recently found out offers a 3 days 2 nights camping package for RM159 per person, which includes boats transfers and snorkeling trips, find out more information at your IG @pulauperhentianofficial.

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Pulau Pangkor

A dog playing on a clear emerald beach

Our all time favourite campsite is Pantai Teluk Segadas that’s located in Pangkor. This is the first place we went to since RMCO, this private beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Pangkor. To get there you’ll need to take a taxi to the trailhead and a little bit of hiking. The reward is a large campsite with a private beach. The campsite is usually not crowded and occasionally there are visitors who come for a day trip.

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