4 things to pay attention when you go hiking and camping after MCO

While everyone is eagerly wanting to go hiking and camping since CMCO is going to be lifted, and RMCO will take place, let’s take a step back and think about what to be aware of after months of inactivity from humans in mother nature.

1. Risk of getting lost in the jungle will be high

Due to long time inactivity, the trails will mostly be overgrown and the paths will be less obvious even for regular hikers, the trail markers might also be damaged and it will be extremely dangerous when you come to a split, never be too confident to avoid getting lost, even for easier trails like Bukit Gasing or Apek Hill.

2 people standing in front of a split trail in the jungle

2. Be aware of the surroundings and trail conditions

The trails will most probably be covered with moss which makes it more slippery, don’t be surprised if there are leeches everywhere and more aggressive since they have been fasting for a few months. Wild animals will be lurking around as well so if you encounter one, the last thing you’ll want to do is panic. Watch out for falling trees and branches as well. Try not to go solo hiking to so that if anything happens, there will be someone there to support.

2 women hiking down a mountain trail

3. Check whether the trails or campsite are open

After CMCO is lifted, there might be a high possibility that not all campsites or hiking trails will be opened, so before you plan your trip, make sure you check with the authority or campsite owners. I’m sure the last thing you want to happen is to travel all the way to the trailhead only to find out that the place is closed (especially after a long and tiring traffic jam). 

Entrance to the campsite

4. Beware of bloodsuckers!

These bloodsucking leeches have been fasting for 3 months or more, imagine that! Too bad these bloodsuckers don’t die easily and even without food for months, don’t be surprised if you find them extra aggressive. Preparing lots of salt or a pair of anti-leech socks might be helpful although there is no 100% guarantee.

Rocks stacking in from of a river

We all can’t wait to connect back to nature soon but let’s not forget to always have a safety first mindset and give your full respect to mother nature.


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