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Product Review — Air sofa, Lazy Air Bag, Outdoor Camping Inflatable Sofa

Product Review — Air sofa, Lazy Air Bag, Outdoor Camping Inflatable Sofa


One of the cheapest luxury you can buy for camping, which cost around RM30-100, the one I’ve bought from here only cost me RM30.90 only, which is the closest to a sofa during camping.

Rating: 5/5

Air sofa placed in the garden area

Lightness & compactness

The whole “sofa” weights only around 700g which is especially good news for people who hike and camp. The size when packed is also quite small, which is a quarter of the size of a 2-man tent, really easy and convenient to slot into any spare space in your backpack.

Rating: 4/5

Size of air sofa compared to a palm

Easy to setup

This is a tricky one, to inflate the “sofa” you don’t need a dedicated pump, what you’ll need to do is open up and run for at least 10 meter and close the chamber immediately, fun but quite tiring to get it right. Don’t expect that you would be able to fill it up indoors unless you have a really big house.

Rating: 2/5



At first sight when we unbox the product we are really doubtful, the product comprises 2 layers, the outer layer is made out of nylon cloth and PVC, the inner layer feels like it’s just a thicker transparent plastic bag. After started using it for hours our opinion changed, the bag actually holds the air inside pretty well and can easily last for a whole night. Given its material, it is best not to use it on rough and pointy surfaces, if you’re using it outdoor, make sure you clear the ground before using.

Rating: 3/5


We give this a 5 out of 5 considering all of the above, the design is really comfortable to just sit on it or even sleep on it, perfect for taking a nap but also possible to replace your tent air bed. It also floats on the water really strong, which can be used on a pool or the worst case scenario you can use it to save lives.

Rating: 4/5

Man relaxing on the air sofa

Man relaxing on the purple lazy air sofa

Nonetheless it’s a very good budget additional to your camping gears for any kind of camping or picnic occasions. If you want to buy it, why not buy it now since online shops are giving away lots of discounts during the MCO period. Buy it here.


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