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Pulau Dodol

Melaka, Melaka

Public campsite

Drive & camp


Pulau Dodol

An uninhabited island off the coast of Melaka

If you’ve ever wondered if Melaka has any islands, the answer is yes, there are! The most prominent one is Pulau Besar, which has a resort in it, but this post isn’t about that. There are a few uninhabited islands near to Pulau Besar and Pulau Dodol is one of them. It’s a tiny island compared to other famous Malaysian islands, you’ll be able to round the island with some hiking required in just 2-3 hours, that’s how small it is. One sad thing about this island is some parts of the island are piled up with rubbish, which most probably came from the mainland. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for some remote island adventures this is the place to be.

The campsite

There is some limited flat ground a few walks from the beach, but be prepared to clear some overgrown grass. It is not advisable to camp on the beach as the high tide might reach your tent. The space is able to fit in roughly 6-8 tents (4-men tent), given if you set it up side-by-side. The whole campsite is shaded thus at night it can be quite chilly, especially if there is strong wind.

How to get there?

The island can be accessed from a jetty in Kampung Pernu, it is about 20 minutes / 12km drive from Melaka town. We’re not really sure if you can just walk in for the service, it is advised to pre book your trip especially if you plan to camp there. Make sure you communicate well with the boatman else you’ll be stranded on the island as there is little to no mobile coverage on the island. You’ll board the boat from here and the trip takes roughly 20-30 minutes.

Campsite Information

Price per night

Other expenses
RM300 / boat (max 10 person)


Permit required


Water resources

017-230 5754

Important notes

More information about Pulau Dodol

Islands around Melaka (BM)


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