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Lubuk Timah Waterfall

Ipoh, Perak

Private campsite

Waterfall or river / Hotspring

Accessible by car


Lubuk Timah Waterfall

Hotspring beside the river

Hot Springs are pretty common in Malaysia, but it is very rare to find a hot spring just beside the river and the one here in Lubuk Timah is one of the few. Unlike the one in Kuala Woh, this hot spring does have a real pool to dip in, properly landscaped. The height of the seat is just nice for an average adult, the water temperature is just nice, not too hot or cold, especially if you go in the morning. The pool is cleaned frequently with a high pressure water pump at night, with all the water drained. The river is not deep, but the current can be quite strong at some parts, so be careful when you are going for a cooldown dip.

The campsite

Lubuk Timah is not really designated for campers, when we 1st approached the place we were asked to camp under the oil palm trees, which the condition is not really favourable. There are lots of nicely built gazebos with a little compound, but it is designed for picnickers instead of campers, thus the charges are kind of odd. The price is counted by time slots, there are 2 time slots which are 7am-7pm and 7pm-7am, each time slot costs around RM80 onwards. For example if you arrive at 1pm and leave at 1pm the next day, you’ll be charged for 3 time slots for RM240. Toilets and cold showers are available. The place is really crowded during weekends especially in the afternoon and slowly turns quiet after 7pm.

How to get there?

Lubuk Timah is located near to Simpang Pulai, where you take a junction to the left along the way to Cameron Highlands. If you’re from Ipoh, this place is really perfect for a short weekend, it takes only less than 30 minutes to go there, and it is much cheaper than Banjaran hotsprings. If you’re from Kuala Lumpur, expect around 2.5 hours drive and exit Simpang Pulai toll, then follow the GPS location provided in this page. 

Campsite Information (updated Apr 2020)

Waterfall or river / Hotspring

Requires walking/hiking

Price per night
RM80+- / site / session (7am – 7pm & 7pm – 7am)

Other expenses
Entrance fee: RM5 / person

Booking required

Permit required

Pet friendly


Campervan friendly

– Toilet
– Shower

Equipment rental
– Not available

Water resources
Tap water

Mobile: 013-590 1690
Mobile: 013-433 5361

Additional notes
Each site will be able to accommodate 2-3 small tents. Price is charged based on sessions.


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