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Lata Penyel

Sg Siput, Perak

Public campsite

Waterfall or river

Minor hiking required


Lata Penyel

Hidden gem in Perak

One of the less well known waterfalls in Malaysia, probably because it was not accessible to normal cars until 2017, which the paved road to Kampung Pendeq, Pos Yum is developed. The cascaded waterfall itself is really tall, it would be more than 10 storey high with our unprofessional estimation, the view itself is really breathtaking. The main pool under the waterfall is quite safe for a dip, the deepest section is only until waist level. Even so, it is still advised to take safety precautions especially during the rainy season. 

The campsite

The whole area near the waterfall is really hilly, there is not much suitable space to set your tent on the ground. But the good news is, there are a few orang asli built bamboo huts that you can rent, mainly come in 2 different sizes. The 2 big ones are the nearest to the waterfall, which can fit in 2-3 tents, the 2 smaller ones can only fit in 1 tent. There might be more huts now since they are constantly building new ones. Most of the huts are not fully covered thus rain will still get in if it is heavy, we prefer to set up our tent in the hut which is more cozy. Hammock camping is also possible.

How to get there?

Lata Penyel is hidden deep inside the forest of Sg Siput, which is the same route as going to Kuala Mu, just follow the GPS location provided in this page and drive all the way there. Just for reference, driving from Kuala Lumpur to Lata Penyel takes around 4 hours, from ipoh it will be around 1+ hour. Upon reaching the Orang Asli village, pay attention to your left, there is a pondok with a board stating the fees for parking and accommodation. Park your cars and ask the villagers for the trail to the waterfall, there is only one main trail which takes about 15 minutes walk, when you see the bamboo huts, it means that you’ve arrived.

Campsite Information (updated Apr 2020)

Waterfall or river

Requires walking/hiking
Hiking required (around 15 minutes)

Price per night
RM60/80 per site (bamboo huts)

Other expenses
Parking: RM10

Booking required
No (1st come 1st served basis)

Permit required

Pet friendly


Campervan friendly

– Toilet

Equipment rental
– Not available

Water resources
River water


Additional notes


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