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Kuala Mu

What’s there?

Kuala Mu is an orang asli settlement deep in the forest, located at the east of Perak. Interestingly it is quite near to the Perak Kelantan border, somewhat around 10km away. The main river that flows through Kuala Mu is Sungai Mu, which is one of the roots of Sungai Perak. The river is wide and filled with cold and clean crystal clear water. The place used to be hardly accessible but due to recent years development, there is a proper road now to access. There is a gorgeous waterfall (Lata Penyel) near Kuala Mu, which is just 30 minutes drive away. Kuala Mu elevation is around 600m thus is one of the best places to escape the hot weather.

The campsite

There are mainly 3 campsites in Kuala Mu, Chalet Kg Bersah, Chalet Dusun Kg. Kuala Mu, Gapeh Village Campsite, all of them are located just next to Sungai Mu with plenty of space and each of them has their own uniqueness. 

Chalet Kg Bersah
The most notable uniqueness for this campsite is the chalets built by orang asli just beside the river, is it the 1st thing you’ll see when entering Kuala Mu that makes you feel woww….The chalets are small and cozy that can fit 2-3 people, the toilet and bathrooms are separated across the road, just a stone throw away. The good campgrounds are limited and most of the grounds are exposed to the hot sun, so make sure you book and arrive early.
019 4117281 (En. Saidin Bin Ismail, Chalet Kg Bersah)

Chalet Dusun Kg Kuala Mu
This campsite is located deeper into Kuala Mu, inside a durian orchard so be careful where you set your tent during durian season. Unlike Chalet Kg Bersah, Chalet Dusun is really shady with lots of trees around, which is good for hanging your hammock as well. The place offers similar kinds of orang asli chalets with basic facilities, built on a slopy area. This place is quite slopy which makes it hard to set up a tent, there are some camping platforms built with bamboos but it is really limited so make sure you book early.
013-5873847 (En. Wali, Chalet Dusun Kg Kuala Mu) 

Gapeh Village campsite
We don’t have much information about this campsite, if you have any useful information, feel free to contact us.
011-35807057 (En. Dah Nan, Gapeh Village campsite)

How to get there?

Kuala Mu is roughly around 300km away from Kuala Lumpur, if you’re driving it will take approximately 4 hours to arrive. Not only that, before reaching Kuala Mu, there will be a 70km uphill drive, the road is steep and curvy but the good news is the road condition is really good. If you’re coming from Ipoh it’s just an hour drive, a perfect weekend getaway for Ipoh mali. All you need to do is just turn on your Google Maps and follow the location provided in this page. There is no public transport available so if you don’t have a car, why not book a car with Trevo which delivers your car to your doorstep.

Campsite Information

Price per night
Around RM15/person

Other expenses

Yes (recommended to prebook)

Permit required


Water resources
Tap water

019 4117281 (En. Saidin Bin Ismail, Chalet Kg Bersah)

013-5873847 (En. Wali, Chalet Dusun Kg Kuala Mu)

011-35807057 (En. Dah Nan, Gapeh Village campsite)

Important notes
Weekends can be crowded


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