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Gunung Nuang

Ulu Langat, Selangor

National park

Mountain Peak

Requires hiking


Temporarily closed. Accessible via Janda Baik with guide and permit.

Gunung Nuang

What’s there?

Gunung Nuang is the highest peak in Selangor, which is why it is one of the most challenging hikes you can find in Malaysia. From Pangsun, Ulu langat it takes around 4-6 hours one way depending on your fitness level. From Janda Baik it is easier but will requires around 3-5 hours. The peak is nearly 1500m high, even higher than most places in Cameron Highlands, expect cool breeze 24/7 if you’re at the peak. There’s a spectacular view at the peak with nothing blocking the view, in the morning you’ll see low clouds with infinite view. On the other side, if the sky is clear you can even spot Genting Highlands from far.

The campsite

There are really limited space here, you can hardly find any flat surface to pitch your tent, especially if you have a larger tent (4-men tent or above), would be able to squeeze in 6-8 tents at most with just a rough estimation. At night till dawn, it is super cold and you are advised to bring a better insulation sleeping bag and a jacket/windbreaker. There are no water point at the peak (which is a common sense) so expect to bring enough water.

How to get there?

There are mainly 2 trails to reach the peak.

Via Pangsun, Ulu Langat
This the the more challenging one of the 2, the trail starts at Pangsun, Ulu langat and if you’re planning to camp at the peak, expect to hike around 7-9 hours with all your camping gear and hydration.

Via Janda Baik, Pahang
Slightly easier as the trailhead is at a higher elevation. But still, it can be really challenging as well so expect 5-7 hours hike with all your camping gear and hydration needed.

Campsite Information (updated Apr 2020)

Mountain Peak

Requires walking/hiking
Hiking (5-9 hours, depends on fitness level)

Price per night

Other expenses

Booking required

Permit required
Yes (Selangor forestry dept)

Pet friendly


Campervan friendly


Equipment rental
– Not available

Water resources


Additional notes


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