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Lata Hammers

Bentong, Pahang

Public campsite

Hike & camp


Lata Hammers waterfall

What’s there?

Lata Hammers is a powerful single drop waterfall located in Bentong, which also has an adequate sized campsite. The most significant thing about this waterfall is its big and deep pool. The pool has really strong current so it is not suitable for swimming, even for experienced swimmers. Swim at your own risk. The whole area is located in a valley with really tall trees, good place to disconnect with the outside world. The campsite can be really packed sometimes, roughly would be able to accommodate around 15-20 tents.

How to get there?

There are no public transport to go there, the closest town you can get to is Bentong, which is around 10km away from the trailhead. The only way to reach the trailhead is by driving. If you don’t have a car, it would be good to rent a car from this app as they provide delivery to your doorstep. Once you have your car, just follow the coordinate provided and park at an open space opposite Kebun Ayah.

The trail

Starting from Kebun Ayah, follow the 4wd trail until you see a slope down to the river on your left. Cross the river then turn right and follow the 4wd trail all the way up until you see the Lata Hammers sign on your right, takes around 40 minutes walk with average speed. Once you arrive at the sign, you’re just few minutes away from the waterfall, follow the trail on your right and decent down the steep slope, be very careful at the trail might be slippery. Once you’ve finish descending you’ll see the big pool with the waterfall on your left. Cross the river and you’ll arrive at the campsite.

*Warning: Do not camp at the “beach” area, this waterfall is prone to flash floods.

Campsite Information

Price per night

Other expenses


Permit required


Water resources
River water


Important notes
Strong currents at the waterfall with deep pool.

More information Lata Hammers

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