Kedondong waterfall

Batang Kali, Selangor

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Kedondong waterfall

The campsite

There is a small campsite located at the end of the trail, on a higher ground next to the waterfall. Most spaces are slanted and might be tricky to set up your tent, but not impossible. If you’re a hammock camper this place is perfect with lots of hammock friendly trees. Estimated that it could fit in less than ten 4-men tent.

What’s there?

Beautiful unspoilt single drop waterfall, one of the cleanest waterfall near to KL. The big and deep pool is a swimmer’s paradise. The ice cold water will cool you down even on the hottest day.

Hidden dangers

Kedondong waterfall is prone to flash flood and it must not be taken lightly. The pool in front of the waterfall is large and deep with strong current, be very careful even you’re with a life jacket as the current might rush you down the river if you’re at the wrong place.

Campsite Information

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Permit required


Water resources
River water


Important notes
Dangerous even for a good swimmer. Limited space at the campsite. Requires around 45 min hiking.

More information about Kedondong waterfall

Lata Kedondong – waterfalls of Malaysia
Lata Kedondong (BM)


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