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4 reasons why hiking Bukit Botak & Bukit Cerakah can be worth a trip

1. Its not far from KL

If you haven’t heard of Bukit Botak & Bukit Cerakah, don’t be ashamed as we’ve just found out about this hiking place few days ago, while we were looking for a place to hike before we went for dinner at Klang. These 2 hills are connected and not really far apart, a good idea to hike both in 1 trip. Located at Puncak Alam, it’s just less than 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.


2 girls walking down the path under HTC tower



2. Its not crowded

This place is far less crowded comparing to Broga hill given that some of the views are actually quite spectacular. During our trip, we only met 3 other hikers along the way, there’s probably more if we hiked in the morning.

Mountain peak of Bukit Cerakah



3. It offers some really unique views

It’s amazing how we’re able to get so much photos in such a short hike, almost every corner is a photo opportunity. Especially around Bukit Botak, you just can’t help yourself but to keep framing and pressing the shutter.

2 girls walking along the path on a mountain peak

4. Its easy

This is one of the easy hiking trails where you can bring your family along and hike together. Although the trails are fairly easy to a regular hiker, one must not take it lightly especially when you’re with your kids, there are numerous sharp cliffs and some parts of the trails are actually quite steep and can be dangerous. Nonetheless the highest point is just 200+m, good enough for a moderate workout.

2 hikers looking at the signage on the trees


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