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Sungai Pertak

Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor

Private campsite

Waterfall or river

Minor hiking required


Sungai Pertak

The location

Sungai Pertak campsite is located in Kg Pertak which is just around 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Getting there you’ll pass by Kuala Kubu Bahru dam, which is famous for its landscape scenery. What’s best about this campsite is that it is not really far from the main road but you’ll still get a dense forest with a crystal clear river. The hike to this particular campsite is just 15 minutes, which is really easy and short so you don’t have to worry about bringing your bulky camping gears.

What’s there?

Multiple hiking trails! If you’ve heard of Lata Medang, Lata Makau or Bukit Kutu, this is where you’ll definitely pass by. Located at the foothill of all these trails, it is really a good place to stay for a night after the challenging hikes. Although there are no waterfalls in this campsite, chilling at the wide river is not bad, the water is super cold and the rapids can serve as a natural Jacuzzi.


Getting there

There are no public transport to go there except driving on your own. There is little to no mobile reception at the carpark so getting calling a taxi or grab is almost impossible unless you inform them beforehand. If you don’t have a car, one of the way is to rent a car from this app from as low as RM55/day.

Campsite Information

Price per night

Other expenses

No (call to prebook)

Permit required


Water resources
River water

+60192035687 (Chik) +60196451696 (Abak)

Important notes
Requires 10-15 min walk from the car park


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