The top 4 things I’ve learnt last weekend on a trip to Taman Negara (Kuala Tahan)

1. Stay at least 2 nights at Kuala Tahan

During our trip, we were only able to hike Bukit Terisek and took a boat trip to Lubuk Berkoh.

Both of them are quite worth the journey but there’s so much more to explore, especially if you want to have higher chance to spot wild animals, 2 days is definitely not enough. The accommodations at Kuala Tahan is really cheap, we spent RM30 per person per night in a dorm.

Kuala Tahan jetty

2. About spotting wild animals

It was a shame for our whole trip, we were only able to spot a snake and an Asian water monitor.

We found out that there’s lots of Bumbuns (wildlife observation hide) in the park but the nearest one that we can stay is 1.5 hours away from the park centre. You’ll only need to pay RM5 to stay for a night, good price for a higher chance to spot some rare wild animals.

Salt lick view from the observation tower

3. About hiking Gunung Tahan

Apparently it is possible to walk in and request for a guide to hike Gunung Tahan

All you need is to be physically fit, have all your hike and camp equipments ready and have at least 7-10 days to spare.

Man looking at layers of mountains

4. About transportation

It was quite shocking to me there are plenty of 1 way transportation available

to some major tourist location including Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang, Cameron Highlands, etc. so that you can have more flexibility when considering travelling to Taman Negara.

Man walking down along the river


A boat docked at the river bay

Taman Negara

Jerantut, Pahang

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