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Jeriau Waterfall

Fraser’s Hill, Pahang

National park

Waterfall or river

Accessible by car


Jeriau waterfall campsite

Jeriau waterfall is the only waterfall that’s available in Fraser’s Hill, as far as we know. The waterfall is not located on Fraser’s Hill itself, you’ll need to go further down a steep and winding road after passing Fraser’s Hill town. Further down the road there used to be a golf club but it was abandoned years ago. There is a flat and wide ground at the entrance of the park, we’ve spotted some campers camping there as well but we personally prefer to camp inside the park instead. There are a few suitable grounds in the park, which takes only less than 10 minutes. The waterfall is located almost at the end of the park which you’ll need to walk down a flight of stairs to access. We don’t recommend to camp near to waterfall as it is prone to flash floods, which can be really dangerous.

A man chilling under a waterfall

Jeriau waterfall

What we like about Jeriau waterfall?

tick It’s cold at night, and chilly even in the afternoon

The temperature at night can drop to around 20 Celcius degree, make sure you bring a blanket or a sleeping bag with you.

tick Picturesque waterfall

The single drop waterfall is really satisfying to look at. There’s also a big pool in front of the waterfall that isn’t too deep for an average adult.

tick Less crowd

Compared to other easily accessible waterfalls in Malaysia, this waterfall doesn’t really draw in much crowd especially campers. We almost have the whole park to our own during the time we camp. There are some day trippers from time to time but not to a point that cause annoyance.

Things that you might be concerned

warning Toilets are in really bad condition

Trust me, you wouldn’t want to step near it. If you can’t camp without a toilet, better to avoid this place.

warning Its prone to flash floods

The river and waterfall might seem calm during good weather, it will actually turn really aggresive during rain.

warning Sand flies!!

There are mixed reports on this by some other campers but personally we’ve experienced it twice. If you are allergic its better to avoid this campsite as well.

warning 3G/4G are non existent here

Generally most telcos doesn’t work here, so its a no-internet zone.

A couple discovered a waterfall on the opposite side of the mountain

The hidden gem of Fraser’s Hill

Price per night

Other expenses


Permit required

Toilets (not well maintained)

Water resources
River water


Important notes



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