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Chilly weather, secluded campsite, scrumptious food. An almost perfect camping experience.

Nothing beats the feeling of having your best friends to go camping with you. What’s even better? They are good at cooking! Having The Baking Trip with me brings camping experience to a whole new level. We had a wonderful weekend despite having some issues that makes our trip a little less than perfect. Read on to find out!


Man carrying camping equipments towards the campsite


The location

In search of a cooling place for camping, Jeriau waterfall, which is located in Fraser’s Hill came across my mind. With just roughly 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, we get the perfect weather for camping, with temperature that goes down to 15°C at night. The park is easily accessed by car with adequate parking space available.


Standing in front of a tent

The campsite

Just a 15 minutes walk, we got our perfect campsite just above the waterfall. The space is just nice for the 5 of us, with a shelter that can fit in 2 tents nicely, without having to worry about raining.


An oil lamp beside a barbeque set

The food

All the meals were entirely prepared by @thebakingtrip, a couple who is all passionate about baking. Hotpot is definitely a must for such weather to keep us warm, paired together with barbecue, we’ve had our perfect dinner. The breakfast was the highlight of our trip, homemade sourdough bagels with Avocado paired with mushroom soup was simply delicious!

So…what’s the catch?

Beware of Sandflies!!

I thought I’ve found myself the perfect place for camping until the next day when I found myself covered with sandflies bites, it was super itchy till today. One of our friend even have allergy reaction, luckily it wasn’t really serious and he managed to get through the trip. If you’re planning to camp there after reading this, make sure you are fully prepared!

Toilet condition are really bad

There are toilets available near the waterfall but its not for the faint hearted. The toilet is clogged and looked like it wasn’t been cleaned for years. This wasn’t really an issue if you’re used to camp in the deep jungle where everywhere is a toilet *if you know what I mean.. ;)*

Nonetheless it was a great experience especially when you’re with your best friends, it wasn’t a perfect place but definitely a perfect weekend.


A couple discovered a waterfall on the opposite side of the mountain

Jeriau waterfall

Fraser’s hill, Pahang

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