Pulau Kapas

Marang, Terengganu

Paid campsite

Drive & camp


Pulau Kapas

The island

This island is mostly unpopular among foreign tourist, but that doesn’t mean that it is worse than Redang island or Perhentian island, It all depends on what kind of vacation you’re into. First of all, everything is comparably cheaper, just to give you an idea, a basic room for 2 cost as low as RM84/night and you can get a meal in less than RM10. Its even cheaper if you’re camping. If you’re looking for somewhere with a more local vibe, this is definitely the place to be. The water is crystal clear, good for snorkelling or diving.

The activities

There are tonnes of activities you can do here, and comparably cheaper. There are people go kayak around the island, which takes a whole day. A famous hiking spot among local hikers – Bukit Singa. Public beaches which does not have any resorts or hotels to swim in. Join the locals to a volleyball match, just relax on a hammock or stargazing at night. Enough to keep you occupied for at least 3 days.

Getting there

Pulau Kapas is probably the nearest island in the east coast as the boat ride from Marang jetty only takes around 20 minutes. If you’re departing from Kuala Lumpur, the drive to the jetty takes less than 5 hours, as a comparison, driving to Merang jetty (Pulau Redang) takes around 5.5 hours and driving to Besut jetty (Pulau Perhentian) takes around 6.5 hours, you can rent a car from as low as RM55/day with this app. If you’re taking a bus it would take even longer, you can get your bus tickets here.

Campsite information

Price per night

Other expenses
RM30/person (boat transfer)

Yes but highly recommended to prebook

Permit required

Toilet, kitchen

Water resources
Tap water

019-966 2968 (longsha campsite)

Important notes
Book early as campground is limited


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