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5 things to consider if you’re planning to stay at Kg Juara, Tioman

1. Kg Juara is really FAR AWAY from the jetty!

I must admit, the taxi services in Tioman is really expensive (RM50 – 1 way per person)

thats why I attempted to walk there, but I failed…The 7km (or 9km if you take the main road) is very challenging, it is steep and probably will take a full day hike (5-7hours), especially when you’re with your huge backpack. I was lucky I got offered by a local Malay to hitchhike after 30 minutes hiking, you can too if you want to try your luck, no guarantee though.

Man walking on the rock overseeing the sea

2. Always remember SAFETY FIRST when you’re going to do water sports

Always wear a life jacket even if you’re allowed to not wear, especially when you’re planning to kayak out to the deeper sea.

In my recent trip, my kayak flipped after kayaking 500 metres off the shore, it was due to the hull leaking. I was lucky enough that someone was heading there for snorkelling and helped to recover my kayak.


Kayaking on the sea

3. Snorkelling at Kg Juara can be DISAPPOINTING

For someone who has been to Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang or even Pulau Kapas, the snorkelling experience can be quiet disappointing.

The sea at Kg Juara can be quiet rough even it is not monsoon season, not crystal clear as the other islands. Nonetheless you’ll still be able to spot some interesting fishes, I’ve spotted a few mini eels during my visit.

Quiet beach at Kg Juara

4. Activities in Tioman is EXPENSIVE!

Tioman offers a wide range of activities such as diving, snorkeling, hiking but most of them are not free

in fact it is the most expensive among all the islands that I’ve visited in Malaysia. For example, a hiking trip to a waterfall cost around RM150-200 PER PERSON.

Milky way photographed above the beach

5. Nonetheless, it is a good place to CHILL

I stayed at Beach Shack in Kg Juara during my recent visit, It was quite amazing and if you love hammock and chill, this is the right place to be.

The stay is one of the cheapest and they got a lot to offer. There is a pool table at their restaurant and lots of hammock to hang around. And if you love volleyball, the locals usually plays around 4-7pm at the beach, just ask to join and they be happy to play with you.


Beack Shack view

Beach Shack

Kg Juara, Tioman

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