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Lata Makau (Sg Luit waterfall)

Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

Public campsite

Waterfall or river

Hiking required


We haven’t reviewed this campsite yet.

Lata Makau

The hike

Similar to Lata Medang, it takes roughly 2-3 hours to reach this beautiful hidden gem. The trail isn’t too steep at most parts, with overall elevation of around 400-500 metres, you’ll need to have moderate or above average fitness level to reach here comfortably. The path is quite clear during our visit and there are not much splits, there are 3 major splits where 2 of them is quite near to the trailhead (split to Bukit Kutu and Lata Medang), you’ll just need to keep left all the way. The 3rd major split is upon reaching the waterfall, where you’ll pass by a campsite with the river on your left, walk past the campsite roughly around 5 minutes you’ll find a smaller split, on the left leads to Lata Makau, where you’ll find the river on your left, the path on the right leads to Gunung Rajah.

The campsite

There are 2 places that you can camp, one is the above mentioned campsite which has a larger space that can fit in around 6-10 tents depending on your tent size, which has a nice, easily accessible river. The other campsite is just above the waterfall, a really limited one which only can host 2-4 tents comfortably so if you want to be near the waterfall, make sure you depart early in order to “book” your campsite.

Campsite Information

Price per night

Other expenses
RM1/person (entrance fee)


Permit required


Water resources
River water


Important notes
Requires 2-3 hours hiking. Campsite is limited near the waterfall, able to fit around 2-4 tents back to back. There is another bigger campsite 15 minutes before the waterfall.

More information about Lata Makau

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