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4 Ways to Experience Langkawi Differently

Langkawi, an island where we Malaysian always refer to as a touristy place, is not always the best choice in our minds to travel. In fact, Langkawi to me is not as boring as it seems, at least to me. If you’re up for some adventures, I might change your mind. Here are the 4 things I did in Langkawi.

Camping at Pantai Tengkorak

Tengkorak means skull in Malay so for someone who is extremely superstitious you’ll have to skip this. If you’re not, read on… This beach is not very well-known among tourist, which means that it is a good place for camping. A large compound is available but bear in mind there are no facilities in that area, the toilets are closed during my visit and there was no one around from evening onward, so make sure you bring enough water and prepare your own meal. Here’s some more information about Pantai Pasir Tengkorak.

Green tent under the night sky in the forest

Explore Temurun Waterfall

Temurun waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfall that can be found in Malaysia. Even without any water flowing down (too bad we went during the dry season), the view is breathtaking. My advice is yo go at the right season to get the most spectacular view! There isn’t any camping ground to me observation but it might be possible to camp near the entrance.

Man standing on a collapsed tree trunk

Cycle off the beaten path to the Abandoned Bridge

If you’ve been to Langkawi, you’ve probably noticed an incomplete bridge at the cove near the airport and wondering what’s there. Few years ago when I was just wandering around with a rental bicycle, I’ve discovered the hidden path that leads to the bridge. The path is mostly used my local motorist going in for fishing near the bridge. If you’re into abandoned structures the place is surreal and looks like some scene where they shoot Fast & Furious, just be careful not to wander to far because the structure is mostly not maintained and it might be dangerous.

Bicycle lying on an abandoned bridge

Enjoy the view at Tanjung Rhu Beach

Looking for the best beach with the best view? Tanjung Rhu is definitely a place where you want to be. Personally I think this place has the best view in Langkawi. The beach is less known by tourist as it is located far away from most of the main attractions. You’ll either need to drive or ride a motorcycle to Tanjung Rhu. The beach was totally quiet when we were there, maybe because it was low season. Overall a good place to relax!

Man taking photograph on a white sandy beach


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