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Here are some budget friendly getaway places for your road trip and if you’re new to camping, find out how to prepare for your first camping trip here.
Camping for beginners | A beginners guide to camping in Malaysian rainforest

Signboard of payung getaway

Payung Getaway

Payung Getaway is a perfect getaway for almost every type of camping. What we love the most about this campsite is its secluded location, it’s…
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Group of people cruising on a river

Kenong Eco Camp

If you’re looking for a holiday off the beaten track, here’s one that will take you right into the deep mysterious heart of wilderness. A…
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Hot spring just beside the river

Lubuk Timah Waterfall

Hot Springs are pretty common in Malaysia, but it is very rare to find a hot spring just beside the river and the one here…
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A Malaysian flag in front of a few bamboo huts

Lata Penyel

This hidden gem in Perak is one of the least known waterfalls due to its remote location. Since 2017 paved road was built and the…
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A few huts beside the river

Kuala Mu

There are mainly 3 campsites in Kuala Mu, Chalet Kg Bersah, Chalet Dusun Kg. Kuala Mu, Gapeh Village Campsite, all of them are located just…
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